We started developing Dexter back at the end of December 2011 when we saw that there are simply no tools available which have a usable interface.

Additionally, we wanted to use all the metadata which is available inside an Android application to make the life of reverse engineers easier by giving them nice visualizations like our package- or class-diagrams.

Our final goal is to revolutionize the process of manually gaining information about what a program actually does. Since this sounds pretty ambitious, we still have lots of stuff on our TODO list.

The following roadmap is intended to give you a small overview about which features we already implemented and those that we plan to implement in the (near) future.



In June 2012 we were ready to open some test accounts to known people to gather some feedback from real users.

Closed BETA - DONE


Several people interested in Android Application Analysis asked us to get an account. We open them for our Beta phase.

Public release - NOW OPEN


After including the requested features during ALPHA and BETA testing, registration will be open for everyone.

Semi-automated Static Analysis


Automatic tagging of program objects is in our scope since the very beginning of the Dexter development.
Because these kinds of features need a lot of practical user experience, we will integrate them into
the frontend as soon as we feel they are stable and ready to help the reverse engineer.



No reverse engineering tool will ever be able to consider all possible analysis cases. There are many
moments where a reverser is likely to hack a script for automatic analysis of a certain property. The
SDK will make such custom analysis possible by providing a data extraction and modification API.

Dynamic Analysis


There is always a point where Static Program Analysis approaches will fail. As an example, think of software parts
which highly depend on incoming network data. Therefor we want to integrate measurement results about the behavior of
the program being analyzed into the Static Analysis.