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Dexter has a rich, interactive, web-based user interface. When walking through an analyzed Android application, the user can comment on and tag objects in order to increase the analysis quality and readability. Unintuitive names can be renamed according to their functionality in much the same way as in IDA Pro when working on binary files.


Comments allow you to add notes to classes and other components to be a able to keep findings for later reference. Also they are used in the autotagging process described in Import process.


Tags are searchable identifiers added to classes / methods / packages that give you a quick hint on the contents or purpose of the respective component. This could simply be the tag “interesting” or maybe “contains_crypto”. It depends on your analysis preference and work flow. Also again the autotagger adds some tags to indicate usage of certain APIs or other functionality like SQL.

In graph views the nodes can be colored as well


This again is a small feature inspired by IDA pro, and helps to keep track of the different blocks and purposes in a large component.

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