Import processΒΆ

After uploading an Android APK to Dexter, the importer process is triggered.


Basically we extract all the data and meta information from the file and store them in a database.

Additionally, after doing this, we start what is called the “autotagging” process. This step goes through the classes and methods and looks at used strings, names, called functions and other information to automatically annotate these objects with tags and comments. Examples of tags are “api:net” or “SQL” which tell the analyst that the respective classes or methods make use of network functionality or SQL statements. This can provide you with a good starting point for conducting further analysis.

The detection is based on heuristics so it is by no means complete and perfect. We probably tag certain things incorrectly or do not see the usage of some APIs. But it generally works nicely and can tell you a lot about the APKs functionality on first sight.

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