Dexter is a static android application analysis tool. We are currently in a public beta phase so bugreports or any other feedback is very welcome. Please use the feedback form or drop us a mail directly to team@dexlabs.org to do so. You might also want to have a look at out blog for other Android security related work.

Dexter’s features include:
  • APK dissection
  • Manifest view and analysis
  • Information about Activities, BroadcastReceivers, Permissions
  • Class hierarchy / graph view
  • Decompilation
  • Examining actual bytecode in a graph-like basic block view

We designed Dexter as a web application, built around a Python Django backend that combines a SQL database with XML caching for performance reasons. The following image shows the Dexter framework components.


The web application can be considered as one front-end and the interface between it and the backend is mostly not designed with a specific front-end in mind. This means that it is definitely possible to develop a interactive shell or SDK for Dexter that can process the analysis results in a script or display them in a different form.

For now we have our own .dex parser and disassembler. As a decompiler we make use of “jad” but we intend to replace that in the future as well.

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